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Wow, When Friends See This Photo Of Newborn Son, They Get Shocked !!

All parents are definitely thrilled with the birth of a baby between themBabies are usually born bald, or with just a few strands of hair on their head. But it’s not unusual for some of them to come into this world with a full head of hair — and when they do, it usually comes as a shock to the unsuspecting parents.

Scottish mom Louise Hutchison and her partner Satty Patel welcomed their son, Ash, in 2016, and were stunned when he came with a full head of hair. A photo the parents took of him at just 2-hours-old shows the newborn’s surprising feature. At 20-weeks-old, at Christmas, Ash got his first haircut, too! His hair is continuing to grow at a surprising speed and can get so long that the parents often hear strangers comment on how adorable their little girl is.

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When Ash Patel was born, his parents Louise and Satty were stunned by the baby’s full head of hair.
Ash and Louise

While it isn’t totally unusual for a baby to be born this way, Ash’s appearance has drawn some strange comments from strangers.
Ash sleeping
Caters News Agency
Strangers have come up to the parents, admiring the adorable baby, whom they believe to be a girl!
Ash 2 hours after he's born
Caters News Agency
Since his birth, Ash has accumulated many fans.
Caters News Agency
His long locks are certainly something, and can get so long that he has already needed a haircut!
Ash close up

At just 20-weeks-old, Ash had first first haircut, and reportedly enjoyed it.
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source : littlethings.com

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Wow, When Friends See This Photo Of Newborn Son, They Get Shocked !!
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